Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Day #46 and #2 back in EL PASO!

Well they arrived in one piece last night around 10 pm. My uncle got checked in and had some visitors already waiting for his arrival! He's really happy to be back home. The rehab hospital is a lot more lenient when it comes to visiting hours. They are from 6 am to 10 pm. Everyone seems to be inconclusive as to when he can home to his house. But for right now we're just so happy he's back in a familiar place surrounded by friends and family.

My grandpa was released from the hospital this morning at 10 am, so they too will be back home this afternoon.

One more tidbit about the lovely little town of Lubbock...My dad thought it only appropriate to leave his mark on behalf of our entire family. As you know Joey was allowed to ride home in the RV. When it came time to load him up, my dad pulled up to the front of the hospital and just as he reached the porticache, sewage spewed out from the back leaving a nice little pond directly in front of the main entrance. The LaPille's have officially marked their territory at the UMC thanks to my dad.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Day #45-Joe's LAST day in Lubbock!!

Today is the day. Joey received his official release papers this morning and called me at 1:15 pm with them in hand! He's on his way home!! He's so anxious to be back that he can't stand it. I just got off the phone with my mom who is following my dad in her car. My dad is driving the RV with Joey in cargo. My grandparents? Well that's another story...

Last night at 1 am my mom got a frantic phone call from my grandma saying my grandpa was admitted into the hospital. He woke up not feeling good and very dizzy. He told my grandma that "something wasn't right." Fearing the worst, my parents left El Paso at 2 am and arrived in Lubbock at 8 am this morning. With my grandpa in Cardiology on floor 6 and Joey in the Burn unit on the first floor, Marley was truly in over her head. The hospital wants to keep my grandpa over night for observation and so they can run some tests. They just want to be sure he is stable enough to travel back to El Paso. Hopefully they'll be leaving tomorrow.

Come tonight, Joey will be at the HIGHLANDS REHABILITATION HOSPITAL at 1395 George Dieter Drive. I'll get the specifics later tonight after he's all checked in.

Thank you for all of your prayers! They worked!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Day 40

Sorry for the huge delay.. things have been a little crazy!

My uncle officially got moved to step down on Saturday. The surgeons are very pleased with his skin grafts as they all have taken very well. The original plan was to spend a week or so in step down then on to El Paso to stay with my grandparents for home health. However, Joey was a little uneasy about the idea of home health and has decided to go to a rehab center in El Paso. They are still waiting to hear about the availability. My uncle requested The Highlands on the eastside. I spoke with him today and he said that there's a possiblity he'll have to ride home in an ambulance depending on what insurance says and what the hospital allows. He'd much rather ride back in my grandparents' RV. He will know more towards the end of the week. If all goes according to plan, something nobody in Lubbock seems to stick to, he will be headed back to El Paso next week sometime. My fingers are crossed.

Evidently my mother has created monsters out of all the nurses. When she drove up the second time she put together gift bags for all of the staff with beer and burritos. They've now been taking orders. There's no place on earth that has better Mexican food than El Paso. Now all of the Burn ICU staff believes in this statement.

My uncle told me today that my dad and I keep asking the same question.. "have the doctors told you when you can drink yet?" We want so badly to have a beer with him! Although my uncle did say he probably couldn't hack it. He said "I'd have half a glass of wine and be done!" haha.

El Paso rehab centers, get your #@% together. Por Favor.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Day #35

On Wednesday the surgeons determined that Joey's skin graft surgery from Sunday took very well. They were looking at 80% of it as taken. Yesterday he had his 6th surgery and everything went very well. They were supposed to take him in at 8:30 am so he couldn't have any food or medicine past a certain point the previous night. Still sore from Sunday's surgery, he was a lot of pain all day yesterday. They didn't end up taking him into the O.R. until 4:30 in the afternoon. Needless to say it was a very longday for him. They've now taken skin from the same spots as before: the back and front of his thighs. When he got out of the surgery, my grandma said he told her that he was in the worst pain he had been in so far. They basically went in and did patch work on the bad areas of his whole upper body. There were a few spots on his back, arms and chest. If everything goes according to plan, he will spend a few weeks recovering in ICU then get moved to "step down", which is recovery. From there he'll get to go home.

I can't believe tomorrow marks 5 weeks since my uncle's accident. He is so ready to go home. At this point, the nurses say that he's still about 4 weeks out. When he gets home and settled, Marley is planning on having a huge celebration for him. Everyone is invited! I know he will love that!

My grandma got him an earpiece for his cell phone, so he's been making phone calls when he's been up to it. Give him a call.. I know he'd love to hear from everyone!

Thank you for all of your prayers,

Monday, May 18, 2009

DAY #31

Well it is official...Joey is sick and tired of that place! he is SO ready to go home. I forgot to mention last night that the surgeon put the feeding tube back in. His numbers weren't up where they needed to be, so needless to say he is very cranky and irritated about that. Today was mostly the same as yesterday. He was in pain and groggy from the medicine. My grandma said not much has changed since the surgery. Everything is looking good and if all remains stable, he will still have surgery on Thursday. As of today that is still quoted as being the last surgery, but we have heard that before so keep your fingers crossed. Like I said yesterday, if the surgeons can get the last procedure done, all that is left for him to do is literally heal. He'll have a few new faces to see this weekend. My grandpa, aunt Starla and myself will there by Friday.

Can't wait!!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Day 30

The surgery went very well. They did a skin graft on part of Joe's right arm and chest. He was in a lot of pain today and mostly in and out of it. The surgeon took skin from the tops of his thighs. This Thursday the plan is to have another surgery to patch up the smaller areas in need. If everything continues to heal at the current pace, he'll be moved to "step down" in a few weeks. Step down is basically just recover. After step down is home! So we're looking at right about 5 weeks.

My uncle had a few things he wanted me to include on the blog this evening:

Thank you to Russell Stephens of MSD Ignition for the donation of the ignition system for the VW bug and he really appreciates all others from MSD.

Also thank you so much to Competition Motors...Rudy you're the best. Saul, how can I ever thank you?

Joey would really like to thank everyone for all their prayers and thoughts. He is so touched by everyone's concerns.

Until Tomorrow,

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Day #28

Hey Guys,

I spoke to my grandma this afternoon and got a little bit of an update. Not much has changed except that ALL of the Integra has officially been removed. None if it adhered properly and most of the areas were infected. This Sunday is scheduled for surgery #5. Originally the surgeon planned on completing all of the skin grafts on the remaining areas in one swoop, but it doesn't look like that anymore. Now they've decided to do each of the skin grafts one at a time. My uncle doesn't have many places that the surgeon can take skin from so it looks like they will be taking it from the same places as the last time. Now that the skin on the front and back of both of his thighs are healing, they will target those areas again to replace the burnt skin on his arms and neck. He's in good spirits and looking towards getting the hell out of the hospital. We haven't heard any educated guesses on when however... we shall see. I'll be there next weekend I and can't wait to see him!

See you soon Joey! Love you!